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14.05.17 . Juries severe for Blanche, no televotes from Georgia
Blanche finished fourth in the televoting of the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with 255 points from 40 countries and four 12 points. Georgia was the only country not voting for Belgium. City Lights was much less popular in the jury vote, where it came ninth and received only 108 points from 21 countries and only one 12 points.
Televoting for Belgium in the finale

12 points: Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Poland
10 points: Portugal, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Finland, Germany, Iceland
8 points: France, Austria, Hungary
7 points: Norway, Switzerland
6 points: Belarus, Denmark, Israel, Slovenia
5 points: Greece, Romania, Malta, Ukraine, Armenia, San Marino, Croatia, Albania, Ireland
4 points: F.Y.R. Macedonia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Spain, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Australia
3 points: Serbia, United Kingdom
2 points: Cyprus, Moldova, Italy
1 point: -
0 points: Georgia

Juries voting for Belgium in the final

12 points: Ireland
10 poimts: Latvia, Poland
8 points: Portugal, San Marino, Israel
7 points: Italy
6 points: Montenegro, Switzerland
5 points: Slovenia, United Kingdom
4 points: Lithuania; Spain
3 points: Cyprus
2 points: The Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Austria
1 point: Sweden, Ukraine


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